Are you a natural redhead? Since I am of 100% Northern European ancestry I have naturally very light skin. Additionally, I have the rarest genetic combination of natural red hair and gorgeous big blue eyes along with my porcelain skin. I am a vision from a Baroque Period painting with my fine European features and fair coloring. 

How are you unique? I'm neither a string of acronyms, nor do I "provide" anything other than the presence of my uniquely fun personality and irreverent wit. I am a unique individual, not a "service provider". Please do not refer to me as a "provider". I consider our meeting an adventure, a unique experience never to be duplicated. I expect you to have the same level of curiosity, interest and eagerness to meet me. When we meet, we have an authentic, experiential date, not a scripted rote "session". The longer our date, the more likely we are to create a memorable experience. Therefore, my preference is that all dates are a minimum of 2 hours, preferably longer. Dates which include lunch, dinner, or travel will be given priority. If you are seeking genuine passion and connection, you will find it in me. Please note that I no longer accept reviews and if this is important to you, know that I was "Ranked #2" on TER for almost two years. I chose to delist my profile in 2016 for increased exclusivity and discretion. I do not support review culture and how destructive it is to the relationships between men and women. 

Do you meet couples or will you recommend another lady for a trio date? Yes, and Yes! Please enquire for details about preferred friends whom are available locally or in my regularly visited cities. Please note that with all doubles, the minimum is 2 hours. When meeting with a couple, there is a $500 additional consideration. 

Will you send me a clear face photo? I do not share face or nude photos on public forums. However, patrons will soon be able to access creative photos and videos of me that contain nudity and more revealing content. There will be ascending levels of access offered, including one specifically designated for those interested in BDSM and fetishes.

How can I pay the consideration, deposit, or travel expenses? Cash is necessary to pay the balance of my tangible consideration on our date. However, I prefer a more secure way of sending funds such as 1) a check (received within 3 business days before our date), 2) bank wire, 3) ACH draft, or 4) advance cash deposit. Please understand that I engage in normal and standard business practices and prefer that my income flows into my retirement savings and real estate portfolio, not into my closet.

What are your favorite gifts to receive? If you'd like to give me actual gifts such as additional cash, git cards, shoes, clothing, vacations, etc. I welcome those additional tokens of affection. My favorite gift cards are: Amazon, Whole Foods and Starbucks! But my rates for meeting are ordinary income. For substantial gifts of $5,000 or more, I also have two sophisticated and completely legal ways for you to gift me tax free and you can put it towards your lifetime IRS gifting limit. Please enquire after we've established a relationship. 

Can we "hang out" or "grab a meal"? Yes, I am a companion and this is what I love to do! We can hang out, grab a meal (or two), lounge by the pool, etc., these activities are all part of our date. Since you are paying for my time and nothing more, I am compensated according to the amount of time we spend together, not the activities we do.

What is the benefit of an Arrangement? Once we have met a few times for extended dates, we may feel there is exceptional chemistry worth exploring, something we wish to develop into an ongoing as opposed to transactional relationship. For those wishing to have an ongoing arrangement, the consideration is arranged monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually to accommodate our unique relationship. This allows our time to be loosely structured or for us to plan regular dates, travel, or casual time relaxing at home, on the boat, etc. as well as communicating in between dates via text, phone, and FaceTime. 

Can we speak on the phone before meeting? Yes, if we are planning a travel excursion together. I am happy to speak on the phone so that we may both organize our thoughts and make the necessary arrangements in an expedited manner. Other than an extended travel date, for simple dates less than a full day, it is my personal preference to adhere to email communications only. Remember, my privacy and time is reserved for me, my loved ones, and those with whom I may be in an arrangement. If you have special requests or preferences, please feel free to word them, tastefully, in an email. On the day of our date, I will provide a text only number so that we may communicate instantly (especially while I'm traveling). This text is not to be used any other day than the day of our date. Please return to email to set up our future dates unless we have an ongoing arrangement. If we have an established arrangement, our time to talk on the phone or spend together in person is tailored according to your needs. 

Do you have a location for meeting? Occasionally, I may visit other cities and may be available to host dates in those cities. Please don't hesitate to request a date when you see these announcements as I have very limited availability. Generally, all new dates will begin in a public setting to ensure our mutual comfort and enjoyment.

Are you a smoker? Do you date smokers? No, as health is my #1 priority, I take great care of my mind and body. While I prefer not to date smokers, if you are a smoker and assure me you will not smoke on our date, I am happy to see you. Please be showered and your mouth clean before we meet. Smoke lingers on skin and clothing and is not an attractive taste/odor.

Do you meet with differently-abled friends? Yes, I'm an open hearted and loving person who identifies with the soul or "beingness" of others, not the external form. Please email me to enquire about specific situations or special circumstances. 

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