Tangible Details


You are a gentleman; therefore, your interests are beyond the mundane. You seek connection, humor, intelligent conversation, and indulgence! You want it all, you want Audrey...

Tryst, an exciting yet quick glimpse into real connection 2 hrs $1,500
Let's Have Lunch, a languid lunch or after work cocktails date 3 hrs $2,000
Dinner Dalliance, yours for the evening 4 hrs $2,500
Dinner and a Show, any cultural or social event, performing arts, with dinner 6 hrs $3,500
Sunset/Sunrise, all day OR dinner date & sleepover with breakfast 12 hrs $5,000
Full Day Delight, a full day/evening adventure of our design, itinerary assistance is always my pleasure ;-)  24 hrs $6,000
Two Day Getaway, a weekend or weekday vacation from the ordinary 48 hrs $9,000
Each Additional Consecutive Day after 48 hours, while on the road or at home together  +day $2,000
Couples Date, w/ your lady up to 4 hours; enquire about travel or longer dates add $500
Travel or Arrangements, an initial dinner date or overnight is preferred before embarking on extended time together. Arrangements starting at $15k/mo. available* email me

Please Note: tangible considerations are for my time in public and in private. Unless it was paid beforehand, the consideration must be taken care of discretely in cash (large bills only), please, within the first 10 minutes of our meeting. Be proactive and read my "Ponder" page for more details. This will answer all of your questions and direct you to the appropriate etiquette and my preferences for our meeting. My Considerations are Not negotiable. They are up to date for 2017 and apply across the board for all friends, no exceptions.

For regular friends with whom I meet often, I extend an Executive Hour, when you only have time for a brief diversion from your day. This is available only in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and NYC.  

Dates in South FL and dates longer than 2 hours may require a 50% deposit, at my discretion. All dates reserved for travel outside of Miami REQUIRE 50% beforehand, payable via credit card or other means. In the event you must cancel within 72 hours of our date, your deposit will not be refunded. It may be applied to a future date, completed within 90 days. If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, 50% of the consideration will be due within 72 hours. My time is valuable, please be respectful of it. Deposits or full considerations may easily be made in a variety of ways, including: cash, check, credit card, or ACH/wire. Credit cards for payment (+3%) in full are only accepted from well known friends. In the unlikely event I must cancel, your deposit is fully refundable or held for our next date, at your discretion. 

Seeking a Travel Companion? See "More"

* Available for Exclusive or Semi-Exclusive Arrangements with Well Matched Suitors


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